Faculty AI+D

Mohammad Alizadeh

Associate Professor, [CS and AI+D]; Industry Officer; Director, 6-A MEng Thesis Program

Hari Balakrishnan

Fujitsu Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, [CS and AI+D]

Guy Bresler

Associate Professor of EECS and in IDSS, [AI+D]

Michael Carbin

Associate Professor, [CS and AI+D]

Vincent Chan

Joan and Irwin M. (1957) Jacobs Professor, Professor Post-Tenure, [AI+D and EE]

Munther Dahleh

William A. Coolidge Professor, [AI+D and EE]

Dina Katabi

Thuan (1990) and Nicole Pham Professor, [CS and AI+D]

Tim Kraska

Associate Professor, [CS and AI+D]

Tushar Krishna

Visiting Associate Professor

Jae Lim

Professor of EE (Post-Tenure), [EE and AI+D]

Samuel Madden

Distinguished College of Computing Professor, [CS and AI+D]

Muriel Médard

NEC Professor of Software Science and Engineering, [EE and CS, AI + D]

Armando Solar-Lezama

Distinguished Professor of Computing, MIT Schwarzman College of Computing; Professor of EECS, [CS and AI+D]