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    Faculty Positions

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) in Cambridge, Massachusetts seeks candidates for faculty positions starting July 1, 2024, or on a mutually agreed date thereafter. We welcome outstanding applicants with research and teaching interests in any area of electrical engineering, computer science, and artificial intelligence and decision making.

    Appointment will be at the assistant or untenured associate professor level. In special cases, a senior faculty appointment may be possible, commensurate with experience. Faculty duties include teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, research, and supervision of student research. Candidates should hold a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer science or a related field by the start of employment. Employment is contingent upon the completion of a satisfactory background check, including possible verification of any finding of misconduct (or pending investigation) from prior employers.

    Candidates must register with the EECS search website at, and must submit application materials electronically to this website. Applications must include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, a research statement (2-4 pages) and a teaching statement (1-2 pages). Each application should include the names and addresses of three or more individuals who will provide letters of recommendation. Letter writers should submit their letters directly to MIT, preferably on the website or by mailing to the address below. Complete applications should be received by December 1, 2023. Applications will be considered complete only when both the applicant materials and at least three letters of recommendation are received.

    It is the responsibility of the candidate to arrange reference letters to be uploaded at by December 1, 2023.

    Send all materials not submitted on the website to:

    Professor Asu Ozdaglar
    Department Head, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Room 38-403
    77 Massachusetts Avenue
    Cambridge, MA 02139

    MIT is an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin. MIT’s  full policy on Nondiscrimination can be found at the following:


    Digital Learning Lab Fellow – AI+DM MicroMasters (Lecturer Non-Faculty)

    Digital Learning Lab Fellow – AI+DM MicroMasters
    (Lecturer non-faculty)
    Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

    Position Overview:

    The position oversees and leads the running of one or more of the Artificial Intelligence and Decision-Making (AI+DM) courses that comprise the MicroMasters program. Responsibilities include: contributing to the development, revamping and management of courses that comprise the MicroMasters Program in AI+DM (these courses span probability, statistical data analysis, machine learning, optimization, game theory, and computer vision) managing course materials and related content; designing, building, and optimizing learner assessment tools such as problem sets and exams; overseeing and managing live courses, including key aspects of learner communication, performance tracking, and online exam administration; leading teaching assistants and community teaching assistants to facilitate instructive and productive discussions in live course forums; organizing and running online webinars connected to MicroMasters contents and planning and managing live exams using online proctoring technology. Conducting data analysis, propose course improvements, and support other educational and research activities as part of the MicroMasters team. We are looking for candidates who share our passion for advancing knowledge through massive, open, and online education. Involves working closely with MIT staff, researchers and faculty.

    Principal Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Functions**):
    Course and Program design for the MicroMasters (35%)
    • Work with faculty director to design and finalize program structure
    • Work with course faculty (and OL learning engineer) to decide on course structure for the online platform, types of videos, educational exercises, and assessments etc.
    • Find and recommend digital learning solutions as needed
    • Support the faculty in the development of the online version of the courses as needed

    Lead and manage the production teams for all courses in MM, to ensure each course is on time and within budget (35%)
    • Assemble course production team for each course, with course faculty approval
    • Decide on phases of production of all the courses
    • Decide on tasks and timeline for team members in each team
    • Facilitate and manage video production for course faculty, with help from MITx
    • Other responsibilities as needed

    Generate content and ensure quality of courses (20%)
    • Train course team for content generation for edX
    • Contribute in content as needed
    • Review work by production team and facilitate review with faculty
    Work and communicate with MITx/OL on both course and program level issues (10%)
    • Collaboration around marketing, MM portal maintenance, etc., and facilitate communication between MITx/OL and course faculty and faculty director.
    • Participation in Digital Learning Lab initiatives and attending cross-departmental Digital Learning Lab meetings.

    Qualifications & Skills:
    • A master’s degree in engineering or related field.
    • Excellent organizational and management skills; track-record of working both independently and collaboratively; deadline-oriented attitude; attention to detail; flexibility and ability to adapt to a rapidly changing platform/environment; and an ability to deliver high quality results while managing multiple priorities.
    • Excellent communication skills to conduct live webinars and the ability to build strong working relationships with teammates, faculty, and staff.

    • PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, or related field.
    • Proficiency evaluating the effectiveness of learning materials and academic assessment.
    • Strong problem-solving / debugging skills and working knowledge or familiarity with statistical software and analytics tools to analyze big data sets.
    • A demonstrated working knowledge of Python.
    • Proficiency in BigQuery, and Web-based tools.
    • Experience with HTML and LaTeX.
    • Minimum one year of relevant experience in online or higher education.
    • An interest in educational technology, digital teaching and learning in higher education, production of educational content, academic assessment methodologies, and the delivery and management of online educational programs.

    ** To comply with regulations by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), the principal duties in job descriptions must be essential to the job. To identify essential functions, focus on the purpose and the result of the duties rather than the manner in which they are performed. The following definition applies: a job function is essential if removal of that function would fundamentally change the job.

    EECS Director, Administration and Finance (DAF)

    MIT Job Description


    Job Title: Mgmt 4, Admin & Operations, Acad Position Title: Director, Administration and Finance
    Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science % Effort or Wkly Hrs: 100% effort
    Reports to: EECS Department Head Prepared by: SoE & SCC Dean’s Offices
    Date: 5/17/24 Pay Grade:  11


    Position Overview:

    The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department is the largest department at MIT, with over 2,000 undergraduates and graduate students enrolled in its academic programs.  MIT EECS consistently ranks top by the U.S. News and World Report and is known globally for its world-class faculty, creating the best possible education, which is based on their innovative and award-winning research. Approximately 140 EECS faculty find their research homes in three major affiliate labs: the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS), and the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE).  The nature of interdisciplinary and collaborative thinking demonstrated by EECS faculty members cuts across these labs, reaching across MIT and into industry and academia worldwide.

    The EECS Director, Administration and Finance (DAF) provides a leadership role in setting financial, operation, and human resources strategy for EECS in the academic area(s). Represents EECS leadership on administrative matters. Provides counsel and support to department head, faculty, researchers, students and/ or staff on administration and policies. Ensures administrative objectives of the department are met and that the department is staffed appropriately to achieve its goals and mission. Ensures staff are trained, have access to tools to carry out their work, and promotes a collaborative, inclusive and respectful environment in which to work. Manages staff and ensures work is carried out in a way that meets deadlines and objectives. Performs other duties, as assigned.


    Principal Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Functions**):

    Operational Duties:

    • Leads operations for EECS. Provides oversight for finance, human resources, student/faculty administration, educational technology, communications, facilities, space planning, event planning, special programs, industrial alliances, DEI, and other functions.
    • Manages and develops strategic and operational plans and systems to ensure the department achieves its mission and goals.
    • In partnership with the Senior Financial Officer (SFO), develop, implement, and monitor comprehensive financial strategies, budgets, and forecasts to support organizational goals and objectives. Conduct regular financial analysis to assess performance and identify areas for improvement.
    • Oversee the preparation and distribution of accurate and timely financial reports, including endowment and other fund reports and variance analysis.
    • Lead the annual budgeting process, in collaboration with the SFO and with department and faculty heads to develop realistic budgets aligned with strategic priorities. Monitor budget execution, analyze variances, and provide recommendations for corrective actions as needed.
    • Develops new policies and procedures as needed for the department. Interprets, implements and ensures compliance with MIT policies and procedures. Guides departmental staff through modifications in policies and procedures, provides continued monitoring to assure effective implementation.
    • Maintains knowledge of the legal environment and ensures the unit is in compliance with applicable laws governing administrative matters.
    • Develops analyses and reports for collecting departmental information and ensures tracking of key department metrics.
    • Develops operational plans with significant impact on group, function, or department.
    • Accountable for the development, implementation and maintenance of plans, programs, projects, or systems in support of the group, function, or EECS strategy.
    • Serves on and/or leads cross School/Area or EECS committees.
    • Exchanges and conveys information with School/College/Area or EECS leadership. Represents EECS in interactions with stakeholders.
    • Acts as a key constituent in departmental/lab administrative matters, builds strong and effective relationships with administrative counterparts (including other departments and EECS-affiliated labs).
    • Drives consensus on complex matters involving diverse stakeholders where there may be varying points of view.
    • Provides insight on departmental communications and media.
    • Oversees key departmental programs and events collaboratively with the department head (including the Visiting Committee meeting, Thriving Stars, super UROP, etc.).
    • Works closely with faculty leaders and education officers on both graduate and undergraduate affairs in the academic area(s).


    Faculty Related Administrative Duties:

    • Plans and administers support for faculty or research affairs such as faculty searches, visa paperwork, teaching/research assistant, allocations.
    • Oversees faculty appointment processes, including tenure-track and non-tenure-track appointments, promotions, reappointments, retirements, and departures ensuring compliance with institutional policies and procedures.
    • Together with SFO, works with the department head on the faculty annual salary review (Rank List 1) process. Updates files based on discussions and analysis. Submits report once finalized.
    • Administer faculty leave policies, including sabbatical leaves, professional leaves, medical leaves, parental leaves, and other types of leave, ensuring compliance with institutional guidelines and supporting faculty members in navigating leave processes.
    • Manages the Outside Professional Activity (OPA) report for EECS faculty and staff. Communicates areas of concern with the department head and addresses any concerns.
    • Coordinate the nomination and selection processes for faculty awards and honors or chairs.

    Staff Related Administrative Duties:

    • Provide strong leadership to the team by setting clear expectations, fostering a positive work environment, and empowering team members to excel in their roles.
    • Lead by example in promoting a positive and inclusive team culture characterized by respect, trust, and collaboration. Encourage behaviors that reinforce the organization’s core values and foster a sense of belonging among team members.
    • Serve as a mentor and coach to team members, providing guidance, feedback, and support to help them achieve their professional goals and develop their skills.
    • Actively foster a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among team members through team-building activities, regular team meetings, and open communication channels.
    • Foster collaboration and partnerships with other departments or teams within the organization to achieve shared goals and enhance organizational effectiveness.
    • Participate in the recruitment and hiring process, ensuring that new hires align with the team’s values and contribute to a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. Facilitate smooth onboarding experiences for new team members.
    • Implement performance management processes, including goal setting, performance evaluations, and recognition programs, to motivate and engage team members and drive continuous improvement.
    • Act as a mediator in resolving conflicts and addressing interpersonal issues within the team, fostering open dialogue and a supportive work environment.
    • Together with the HR Administrator, evaluate and optimize departmental organizational structures to ensure alignment with strategic objectives, operational efficiency, and effective utilization of resources. Oversee the development of clear and comprehensive job descriptions that accurately reflect position requirements and organizational expectations.Oversee the replacement hiring process for vacant positions, ensuring timely and effective recruitment efforts to minimize disruptions to departmental operations and maintain.
    • Provides managerial oversight or significantly influences the work of staff to accomplish operational plans.
    • Oversees workforce planning for EECS.
    • Provides administrative oversight for departmental events and functions.
    • Oversee regular operational staff meetings, providing departmental staff information on key institute, school, college, and departmental administrative updates. Invite external speakers and participants when relevant.
    • Oversees community building staff events.
    • Create professional developmental opportunities for department staff. Encourage a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the team, soliciting feedback, implementing best practices, and adapting processes to optimize team performance and effectiveness.
    • Works with EECS Communication Officer to develop the annual Report to the President, and other departmental communications (newsletters, Connector etc).
    • Works with DEI administrator to develop and implement effective programming.
    • Works with Leadership Giving Officer on gift proposals, stewardship, and accurate spending plans.

    Space Related Administrative Duties:

    • Develops comprehensive departmental CRSP reports: encompassing both annual reports and renovation updates, to provide clear insights into departmental space, renovation activities and progress.
    • Oversee space allocation records: Manage and maintain accurate records of space allocation within the EECS, ensuring optimal utilization of space and compliance with departmental and Institute guidelines.
    • Facilitate Onboarding of Faculty and staff: Coordinate the provision of necessary furniture, equipment, and resources for incoming faculty and staff members, facilitating a smooth transition into their roles at MIT.
    • Engage with departing staff to ensure the return of MIT property.


    Other Duties:

    • Perform other duties as assigned.



    Supervision received from EECS Department Head.


    Qualifications & Skills:

    REQUIRED: bachelor’s degree; at least seven years’ experience in an administrative/executive/management position; experience managing complex change and conflicting priorities; good judgment, diplomacy, and discretion with sensitive/confidential matters; strong leadership, supervisory, coaching, goal-setting, decision-making, problem-solving, analytical, organizational, project management, interpersonal, and written and oral communication skills; knowledge of financial and research administration in an academic/research environment with federal/corporate/foundation sponsors; proficiency with Microsoft Office products, financial and HR information systems, and database software; and experience recruiting, selecting, and supervising staff and with performance management and development. Must be able to prioritize, manage multiple conflicting and changing priorities, and meet deadlines; handle details while maintaining a view of the big picture; integrate new concepts, practices, guidelines, policies, and emerging technologies into strategic planning and new business methods; build and mentor strong teams and facilitate consensus; and collaborate effectively with faculty/staff/students.


    PREFERRED: MIT experience; master’s degree in business, administration, or related field; experience with SAP, Brio Query/Cognos, COEUS, KC, Atlas, and Roles Database; and experience advancing department- and/or Institute-wide initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    Apply through the MIT career site:

    ** To comply with regulations by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), the principal duties in job descriptions must be essential to the job. To identify essential functions, focus on the purpose and the result of the duties rather than the manner in which they are performed. The following definition applies: a job function is essential if removal of that function would fundamentally change the job.