Information Science and Systems

    This broad research theme covered activities across all aspects of systems that process information, and the underlying science and mathematics, and includes communications, networking & information theory; numerical and computational simulation and prototyping; signal processing and inference; medical imaging; data science, statistics and inference.

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    New work on linear-probing hash tables from MIT CSAIL could lead to more efficient data storage and retrieval in computers.

    From left to right: Ryan Williams, William Oliver, and Aleksander Madry The Department of EECS has awarded three Faculty Research Innovation Fellowships (FRIFs) to Professor Aleksander Madry, Associate

    A view of the mounted ion trap that forms the core of a small quantum computer. Photo courtesy Kai Hudek, of IonQ. The members of iQuISE, MIT’s student-led

    “I always felt like I had these different lives. Coming to MIT was the first time I felt that my interests could finally be put together, and that

    Top row, L to R: Oliver, Corrigan-Gibbs, Chen. Bottom row, L to R: Yan, Ragan-Kelley 2020 has seen the addition of many new faculty members, including five recent

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