The shared mission of Visual Computing is to connect images and computation, spanning topics such as image and video generation and analysis, photography, human perception, touch, applied geometry, and more.

    Latest news in graphics and vision

    MIT EECS professor Jonathan Ragan-Kelley received ACM SIGGRAPH’S 2021 Significant New Researcher Award, for his “outstanding contributions to systems and compilers in rendering and computational photography,” according to ACM’s press release.

    MIT researchers found that Covid-19 skeptics on Twitter and Facebook — far from being “data illiterate” — often use sophisticated data visualization techniques to argue against public health

    From left to right: Tomás Palacios and Jonathan Ragan-Kelley Two EECS professors have been honored with the Intel 2020 Outstanding Researcher Awards. Tomás Palacios, Director of the 6-A

    MIT researchers developed software to more efficiently run graph applications on a range of computing hardware, including both CPUs and GPUs. Image: Istockphoto images edited by MIT News Graphs

    MIT researchers have developed an automated way to design customized hardware, or “brains,” that speeds up a robot’s operation. Image: Jose-Luis Olivares, MIT Contemporary robots can move quickly. “The motors are

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