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    Have an opportunity you want to share with current EECS students? Consider posting to the EECS Opportunities List, our high-volume list-serv subscribed to by thousands of MIT EECS undergraduates!

    Review the rules below to ensure your opportunity is ready to be shared.  

    You will not receive confirmation that your posting was approved or rejected; you must follow the guidelines below. MIT EECS does not edit or revise insufficient postings; they are deleted without notice, as are all posts that do not meet these guidelines. Postings can be from MIT campus partners or external organizations, though not from recruiting firms (see rules below). 

    Appropriate posts include:

    • Postings for UROPs or RAships; if posting a UROP cross-post here; if posting an RAship cross-post here
    • EECS-related student jobs, for example TA, LA, or grader positions; if posting a grad TAship cross-post here
    • Volunteer opportunities 
    • Summer or IAP internships
    • Contract, freelance, and permanent jobs
    • Events related to company or graduate school recruiting
    • Recruiting subjects for approved MIT experiments
    • Course announcements
    • Social or academic events for MIT EECS students

    We will not post:

    • Unpaid opportunities, except from non-profit organizations
    • Listings from recruiting firms. (We will only post listings from original hiring companies.)
    • Opportunities students must pay to participate in

    Write your post to the list as you would like it to appear in plain text. Images and attachments will not be forwarded. You must include the following info in your email for your post to be considered:

    • Email subject. Include topic in the subject: choices are job, internship, event, course, and volunteer. Example subjects: Job: X Company recruiting SWE, Event: X Dorm hosts movie night, etc.
    • Opportunity / job / internship / event title and description. If the opportunity is a job, you must include time commitment (full time, part time, temporary projects, etc.) and candidate requirements.
    • Organization/company name and website.
    • Location of opportunity/job/internship/event.
    • Time and date (if a temporary job opportunity or internship, must include beginning and ending date / duration)
    • Compensation. Remember: we do not list unpaid jobs or internships, except for non-profit organizations. (This is not applicable for events.)
    • Contact person

    Ready to post? Send your message to: 

    Note: It can take 1-2 business days to publish a posting; please plan accordingly. You will not receive confirmation that your posting was approved or rejected.

    If you need assistance developing an MIT-wide recruitment strategy across multiple departments, please contact the Employer Relations team in Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD) at