Computational Fabrication and Manufacturing

    We bring some of the most powerful tools in computation to bear on design problems, including modeling, simulation, processing and fabrication.

    Latest news in computational fabrication and manufacturing

    Ruonan Han seeks to develop next-generation electronic devices by harnessing terahertz waves.

    Advance incorporates sensing directly into an object’s material, with applications for assistive technology and “intelligent” furniture.

    Mustafa Doğa Doğan, shown here in front of MIT’s Great Dome. Photo credit: Hannah Harens. Mustafa Doğa Doğan is a 3rd year PhD student working with Prof. Stefanie

    Eight early-career MIT professors earned Sloan Research Fellowships. Top row, left to right: Fadel Adib, Joey Davis, Steven Flavell, Heather Kulik. Bottom row, left to right: Luquiao Liu, Karthish

    The MIT CSAIL team’s LaserFactory system can manufacture functional, custom-made devices and robots, without human intervention, potentially enabling rapid prototyping of items like wearables, robots, and printed electronics.

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