Faculty AI+D

Mohammad Alizadeh

Associate Professor, [CS and AI+D]; Industry Officer; Director, 6-A MEng Thesis Program

Guy Bresler

Associate Professor of EECS and in IDSS, [AI+D]

Constantinos Daskalakis

Armen Avanessians (1982) Professor, [AI+D and CS]

Sam Hopkins

Jamieson Career Development Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Assistant Professor, [CS and AI+D]

Piotr Indyk

Thomas D. and Virginia W. Cabot Professor, [CS and AI+D]

Aleksander Mądry

Cadence Design Systems Professor, [AI+D and CS]

Alexandre Megretski

Professor of EE, [EE and AI+D]

Ronitt Rubinfeld

Edwin Sibley Webster Professor, [CS and AI+D]

Justin Solomon

Associate Professor of EECS, [AI+D and CS]

Suvrit Sra

Associate Professor of EECS and in IDSS, [AI+D]

Vinod Vaikuntanathan

Professor, [CS and AI+D]

Jacob White

Cecil H. Green Professor in Electrical Engineering, [EE and AI+D]

Ryan Williams

Professor of EECS, [CS and AI+D]

Virginia Vassilevska Williams

Professor, [CS and AI+D]

Ashia Wilson

Lister Brothers (Gordon K. ’30 and Donald K. ’34) Career Development Professor; Assistant Professor, [AI+D]