Resources for current students

    EECS is dedicated to supporting our doctoral students throughout the duration of their graduate studies to ensure steady progress, and ultimately attainment of the PhD degree. The EECS Graduate Office (room 38-444) provides academic, professional and personal support to all of our PhD students, and the staff are very knowledgeable of additional resources available from MIT.

    The EECS Graduate Office welcomes any, and all, graduate students to reach out for assistance and guidance, and for any reason. During the PhD journey, it is not uncommon for a graduate student to move from one research group to another research group. During the transition, personal support is available from the Graduate Office, and financial support is available from the EECS department. The EECS Graduate Officer, Professor Leslie Kolodziejski (, will work with the graduate student on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the transition is successful and smooth, as well as to ensure financial support is available when needed.

    Please take advantage of the resources offered by the EECS Graduate Office and EECS department as we strive to support you in your doctoral degree journey. You are not alone; you have us.

    Learn more at Guaranteed Transitional Support in the Office of Graduate Education (OGE).

    Professor Leslie Kolodziejski is the “Transitional Support Coordinator for EECS”.

    Additional Resources for Graduate Students:

    EECS Communication Lab

    MIT Guide for Students with Children

    MIT Student Mental Health and Counseling

    MIT Work & Life

    MIT Spouses & Partners Connect

    MIT Food Resources

    Graduate Student Organizations:

    EECS GSA – EECS Graduate Student Association

    GW6 – Graduate Women in Course 6


    THRIVE – Tools for Honing Resilience and Inspiring Voices of Empowerment

    CSC – CSAIL Student Committee

    RELAY – RLE Student Groups

    MIT GSC – MIT Graduate Student Council