Visiting Committee

    Every department at MIT has a Visiting Committee comprised of distinguished scholars, MIT graduates, and members of the MIT Corporation. The committee is charged with meeting annually or biannually to receive reports from the Department Head, students, and faculty about the department’s direction, initiatives, challenges, and plans. They provide an important source of outside perspective and evaluation on the department’s activities, and report their findings to MIT’s leadership. The current members of the EECS visiting committee are:

    Charlene C. Kabcenell, Chair

    Colin M. Angle

    Ashar Aziz

    Kate A. Bergeron

    Eran Broshy

    Kevin B. Churchwell

    Gururaj Deshpande

    Anne C. Dinning

    Mark R. Epstein

    Carol Y Espy-Wilson

    Deborah L. Estrin

    Andrew W. Houston

    Barry Lam

    Aileen W. Lee

    Yoky Matsuoka

    S. Shankar Sastry

    Mike Schroepfer

    Niraj Shah

    David M. Siegel

    Raymie Stata

    Raymond S. Stata

    Theresa M. Stone

    Jennifer Widom