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Team including MIT electrical engineer James Fujimoto wins Lasker Award

Professor James Fujimoto and two additional MIT affiliates honored for influential work on optical coherence tomography, which allows rapid detection of retinal disease, among other applications.

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Undergraduate engineering and computer science programs are No. 1; undergraduate business program is No. 2.

The Simons Investigator program supports “outstanding theoretical scientists who receive a stable base of research support from the foundation, enabling them to undertake the long-term study of fundamental questions.”

The system could be used for battery-free underwater communication across kilometer-scale distances, to aid monitoring of climate and coastal change.

“Lightning” system connects photons to the electronic components of computers using a novel abstraction, creating the first photonic computing prototype to serve real-time machine-learning inference requests.

The MIT School of Engineering recently honored outstanding faculty, students, and staff with its 2023 awards.

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