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New device can control light at unprecedented speeds

Researchers have developed a programmable optical device for high-speed beam steering.

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MIT undergraduate researchers Helena Merker, Harry Heiberger, and Linh Nguyen, and PhD student Tongtong Liu, exploit machine-learning techniques to determine the magnetic structure of materials.

MIT CSAIL researchers solve a differential equation behind the interaction of two neurons through synapses to unlock a new type of speedy and efficient AI algorithm.

In a hail of confetti, the members of the MIT programming team stand on a large stage clutching trophies and plaques. Behind them, a huge screen displays the MIT team name.

Ending a 44-year drought, the MIT competitive programming team came in on top in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Jack Cook, Matthew Kearney, and Jupneet Singh will begin postgraduate studies at Oxford University next fall.

Models trained on synthetic data can be more accurate than other models in some cases, which could eliminate some privacy, copyright, and ethical concerns from using real data.

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