Admission process

    Thriving Stars helps answer the question, “What is a PhD degree and why do you want one?” Check out this story for a number of perspectives from EECS faculty leaders, EECS alumni and current graduate students working on their PhD degree: Thriving Stars tackles the question—what’s a PhD degree all about anyway??

    Students tour a robotics lab in this photo taken by Pedro Colon Hernandez.

    The EECS Department is the largest in the School of Engineering with about 700 graduate students in the doctoral program. [Application is for the doctoral program only — there is no terminal masters degree, but all PhD students earn a masters degree as they work towards PhD.  A Masters of Engineering is only available for qualified MIT EECS undergraduates.] 

    The application website (see link below) is available on September 15, 2024, for students who wish to apply for graduate admission in September 2025. The deadline for submitting completed applications is December 15, 2024.

    Applicants to the MIT EECS graduate program should apply using the EECS online admissions site

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    Need more information? Read this graduate admissions information letter.

    For information on our faculty and what they’re currently working on, take a look at our Faculty Interests Guide.

    For more information about writing a statement of objectives, see this article from the MIT EECS Communication Lab.