We develop the next generation of wired and wireless communications systems, from new physical principles (e.g., light, terahertz waves) to coding and information theory, and everything in between.

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    Lawrence Frishkopf, Professor of EECS, Emeritus, died on June 25th, 2021, one day before his 91st birthday. An area chair in the department, Frishkopf was affiliated with both

    With just 50 lines of code, the program spots and fixes likely errors.

    The honor recognizes “extraordinary people who help solve the world’s most urgent challenges, create meaning through art, and contribute to the common good from every field, discipline, and profession”.

    Using computational tools, a research team was able to virtually unfold an unopened letter from 1697. Image courtesy MIT Libraries. An international team of scholars has read an

    New research suggests that reading computer code does not rely on the regions of the brain that are involved in language processing. Image courtesy Jose-Luis Olivares, MIT. In some

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