6A Internship Program


    The 6-A program is a partnership between MIT and some of the most innovative companies in the world. It allows students to pursue a leading-edge industry project while simultaneously working towards the completion of their MEng thesis. The students typically join the program as Course 6 Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and PhDs who complete a series of 3-month or 6-month work assignments at their chosen company.

    MEng students are assigned both an industry mentor and a faculty advisor, and the work students complete during their stay at the company is then used towards their MEng thesis. Students receive academic credit for each assignment.  This is the only way to receive credit for work done at a company or to use such work to satisfy any academic requirement. 6-A students are able to graduate with their class.

    6A Fall Application: Open in September 2024

    “I loved my 6-A assignment at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Not only was I able to apply the skills I learned in the classroom, but I was able to work with top-notch engineers in a fast paced environment. I gained a deeper understanding of how to successfully work on a team and contribute to an ongoing project.”

    Erin Main
    MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA