For prospective MEng students

    The MEng application opens on the drop date of each regular semester (fall, spring) and closes on the last day of finals. Admission notifications are typically sent out roughly 6-8 weeks after the application closes.

    For current MEng students

    Thesis Proposal: The thesis proposal is required for students in the first semester of their MEng. The proposal and research advisor approval are due on the last day of classes of that semester.

    Thesis: MEng theses are due on dates set by the registrar. Research advisor approval is due the same day as the thesis. The vast majority of students submit their thesis the semester they are graduating; if you plan to submit your thesis early, please get in touch with the EECS Undergraduate Office.

    The Undergraduate Office is typically able to grant small extensions to these deadlines for students with exceptional circumstances. All students will receive instructions from the Undergraduate Office on how to submit their proposal or thesis, as well as how to request an extension.