6A Industrial Practice Award

    The J. Francis Reintjes Excellence in 6A Industrial Practice Award is an endowment fund in the MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 6A Program, formed in 2007 through the generosity of the late Professor-Emeritus J. Francis Reintjes and his family.

    The $1,000 award will be given each year at the EECS Spring Awards Ceremony to a 6A student who has demonstrated outstanding performance in a 6A work assignment and/or exceptional quality in an M.Eng. Thesis performed at a 6A company.

    Nominations for this award can come from EECS faculty and a 6A company personnel who are familiar with the outstanding work by the 6A student. The award recipient is chosen by a 6A Awards Committee organized by the 6A Director.

    Fill out and submit your 6A nomination form here.

    Winners of the 2024 J. Francis Reintjes Excellence in 6A Industrial Award

    Reintjes Award winners:

    • 2024: Melissa Stok, internship with AMD
    • 2024: Junhong Lin, internship with MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab
    • 2023: Cooper Jones, internship with Cadence
    • 2023: Jialan Wang, internship with Mercari
    • 2022: Renbin Liu, internship with Sky
    • 2022: Gregory Pailet, internship with Sky
    • 2021: Peter Crocker, internship with Cadence
    • 2020: Matthew Hutchinson, internship with MIT Lincoln Laboratory 
    • 2020: Lokhin Cheng, internship with Analog Devices 
    • 2019: Zachary Zumbo, internship with Cadence
    • 2018: Alex Sloboda, internship with Analog Devices
    • 2017: Joseph Griffin, internship with MIT Lincoln Laboratory
    • 2017: Chad Uyehara, internship with Linear Technology
    • 2016: Rebecca Kekelishvili, internship with NetApp
    • 2015: Anders Lee, internship with Linear Technology
    • 2014: Timothy Galvin, internship with The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory
    • 2013: Joseph Colosimo, internship with MIT Lincoln Laboratory
    • 2013: Shijie (Kevin) Zheng, internship with Analog Devices
    • 2012: Travis Grusecki, internship with NetApp
    • 2011: Anh Nguyen, internship with Microsoft Research Asia
    • 2011: Xiawa Wang, internship with Bosch Research
    • 2010: Amanda Gaudreau, internship with Medtronic
    • 2010: Zouyu Tao, internship at Lincoln Laboratory
    • 2009: Zhen Li, internship with Linear Technology 
    • 2009: Michael Price, internship with Analog Devices 
    • 2008: Jason Furtado, internship with Draper Lab
    • 2008: Doris Lin, internship with Analog Devices
    • 2007: Masood Qazi, internship with IBM Microelectronics