How do students enroll in the 6A program?

    Interested students should email the 6A office at for further information. Students can also fill out the 6A Student Application form if it’s during a recruitment period.

    What is the selection or matching process?

    Students are matched with companies based on shared research topics, ensuring alignment between the students’ academic interests and the companies’ focus areas. The 6A office forwards student application to 6A companies.  They review the applications, select the students they wish to interview. Company will contact the students directly to schedule interviews. Once all interviews have concluded, the 6A companies will reach out to students directly with offers.

    What are the Research Topics List?

    What happens if I did not receive an offer or an interview?

    The 6A office will work closely with the student to help them secure a suitable position. However, in rare cases, due to market conditions, economic circumstances or other factors, a student may not get a internship in a given semester. In that case, they may return to classes and begin the process of re-applying for the next semester.

    Do students work full-time and take classes at the same time?

    No, students doing full-time internships cannot take classes during their internship.

    What is the difference between an thesis advisor and faculty counselor?

    A faculty counselor continues to handle all registration matters and should be consulted for education advice. Students keep the faculty counselor assigned to them when they join Course 6.

    A thesis advisor works with students to develop their thesis and ensure that graduation requirements are met. (Applicable only to MEng students )

    What happens if I cannot find a thesis advisor?

    If students are unable to find a thesis advisor, the 6A program provides guidance and support to help connect them with a suitable advisor aligned with their research interests.

    Is this a paid internship?

    Yes! 6A student salaries are established by the individual companies and are not necessarily uniform among all 6A companies. Salary information is available from the individual company only, not from the 6A office.

    Will students receive company assistance like insurance or housing?

    6A students are generally considered temporary employees and are not eligible for company benefits such as medical insurance. However, some 6A companies offer a housing subsidy and partial support for local travel. Please discuss this directly with the 6A company.