6A – Entrepreneurship (New)

    Application Closed: Will reopen Fall 2024


    This new 6A Entrepreneurship track will enable students to work on a venture, and provide them with the knowledge and skills to launch their idea into the real world. Students will be required to create a new idea/prototype/demo that is thesis-worthy.


    Students will receive a fellowship funded by the department to allow them to work on their idea/project full-time over a 6-month period, with the expectation of launching their venture upon graduation. Their project will also serve as the basis for their MEng thesis.

    Student Eligibility

    • Course 6 MEng Student: Must be accepted into the MEng program
    • Must be in good academic standing
    • Committed to the completion of the program

    Student Requirements

    • Describe a plan to build/create a prototype that would be tied to their thesis and venture.
    • MIT Trust Center: Students will participate in programs like StartMIT.
    • Attend a mandatory orientation before the start of the program.
    • Students are required to meet regularly with assigned mentors.
    • Students are required to fill out and submit a midterm progress report.
    • Students are required to fill out and submit a final evaluation report.
    • Demo Day: Final presentation to team members, faculty, students, and senior leadership. An email will be sent with more information and dates.

    Student Expectations

    Performance: Work 6 months full-time on their venture/thesis work, and participate in 6A programming.

    Communication: Students are expected to maintain open communication with their mentors. Reporting progress regularly and notifying if facing any challenges.

    Professional Conduct: Students are expected to adhere to MIT’s Trust Center policies.