Graduate Office Materials


The forms below can be found in hard copy, and returned to the EECS Graduate Office (38-444) for processing/approval.

Current EECS SM and PhD students should use these interfaces for various administrative activities:

TQE, minor, RQE


PhD Committee Agreement Forms
Please find the doctoral thesis supervision and thesis reader agreement forms here.  
Professional Perspective Graduate Requirement
Information on the Professional Perspective Graduate Requirement.
EECS Communication Lab
Staffed by the EECS Communication Advisors, the EECS Communication Lab offers writing and speaking support for scientists by scientists.
MIT Academic Integrity Handbook
Please be aware of the MIT Academic Integrity Handbook (pdf).
Reference Materials
Please use this handbook of Reference Materials for EECS Graduate Students - especially if you have questions at 3am.
Thesis Proposals
Instructions for preparing Masters and Doctoral thesis proposals.
SM, EE, ECS, and PHD thesis prep
Institute wide thesis Instructions from MIT Libraries, for students preparing SM, EE, ECS, and PHD theses.
Fall 2020 Thesis Procedures - NEW
Click the link for guidance on holding doctoral thesis defenses, and the submission of SM and PhD theses
Purple Form
Form for advisor selection, used by first-year graduate students to document the initial advising relationship and subsequent changes.
Departmental Petition Form
This form is for graduate students requesting any modification to the doctoral degree program requirements.
RQE Description and Process
Please find information on applying for the EECS Research Qualifying Exam, which is the second step in the doctoral-qualification process.
TQE Documents for Students and Graduate Counselors
TQE documents are available through this page: (1) TQE Plan instructions for students and (2) TQE Plan instructions for graduate counselors.
Minor Requirement
The intent of the minor is to provide a broadening experience, and therefore the minor program field must not be directly related to a student’s research.