Want to add Course 6 as a second major? Here’s what you need to know and do:

    1. Review the form against the major requirements. Check that your plan is generally doable with not too many courses in a semester, etc.
    2. Don’t list courses that you plan to petition for substitutions on the form. We can only sign off on a form that doesn’t rely on petitions to be successful. Therefore, we need you to put the requirements on the form; not the substitutions you expect to submit and have approved. You can always petition and change plans after the petition is approved. You can submit petitions right after joining the major via your EECS audit and you can read more about petitions/substitutions here.
    3. If you hope/plan to MEng, make sure you enter only the undergraduate course numbers in the columns for both majors. Any subject listed on that double major form will not be able to be moved into your graduate program. You can change your plan later, but if graduate subjects are listed on the form they can’t be moved into the MEng program and you might need/want that flexibility when the time comes.
    4. After your first major advisor reviews/signs, the EECS Undergraduate Office can sign. Send to ug@eecs.mit.edu for review/signature.