There are three types of fellowships available to our graduate students

    EECS Departmental Fellowship

    MIT Institute Fellowship

    External Fellowship

    EECS Departmental Fellowship

    EECS Departmental Fellowships are typically awarded to newly admitted students immediately following the graduate admission process.

    MIT Institute Fellowship

    Many MIT Institute Fellowship awards are distributed immediately following the graduate admission process. Although, at times, the School of Engineering. College of Computing or the Office of Graduate Education may distribute a call for fellowship nomination. These calls will be forwarded to MIT Faculty or graduate students as these opportunities become available. You may learn more about the Office of Graduate Education fellowships at their website.

    External fellowship

    Many outside organizations fund fellowships for graduate students. This page provides a listing of external fellowship opportunities. External fellowships are organized into four categories:

    • OGE Administered: External fellowships administered by the Office of Graduate Education
    • RAS Administered: External fellowships administered by MIT’s Research and Administration Services
    • International: External fellowships specifically for international students
    • Additional External: Additional external fellowship opportunities that OGE is aware of

    EECS Departmental Policy regarding External Fellowships

    For those EECS Graduate Students fortunate to have External Funding it is our EECS funding practice that the external award will be considered the student’s primary funding source.  If the external funding award falls short of the Departments standards for stipend, tuition and single person medical insurance fees, then if in good standing,  the EECS Graduate Student will receive a supplemental support in the form an RA, TA or fellowship appointment to bring the combined support to the EECS funding standards.  For those students where the external funding exceeds $10,000 USD the combined monthly stipend will be at the appropriate EECS External Fellowship stipend rate.  This premium rate does not apply to those with MIT Fellowship or with external awards that are less than $10,000 per academic year.

    Additional Financial Resource available to MIT Students

    iGrad scholarship database

    Visit the scholarship database at MIT’s iGrad portal. Enter and set up your own free account to access the full site. Jobs and scholarships are posted, along with videos and articles with career and financial planning tips. Available for all MIT faculty, staff, students, spouses, and partners.