It is necessary to fulfill the requirements of and receive the 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, or 6-7 degree along with, or before, the MEng degree. MEng students are expected to make progress on their theses each term and are expected to take at least one class (if needed) each term. Students are encouraged to take courses and work on the thesis simultaneously, in order to ensure timely completion of the degree.

    Subject and Thesis Requirements

    In addition to the subject requirements below, students must complete an MEng thesis proposal during their first semester as MEng students, and submit an MEng thesis the semester they plan to graduate.

    Note that the subject requirements for 6-1, 6-2, and 6-3 students in the MEng program differ slightly from those for 6-7 students.


    The MEng requires 90 units (in total) beyond the units that are required for the undergraduate degree(s): 24 units of thesis (6.THM) and 66 units of additional credit; at least 42 of those additional units must come from Approved Advanced Graduate Subjects (AAGSes). Most MEng students end up with 48 units from AAGSes, since the majority of AAGSes are 12-unit subjects.

    Additional units beyond AAGS subjects are generally derived from RA, TA, or 6-A credit, or excess undergraduate units (beyond the 180 units of GIRs required for an undergraduate degree).

    Thesis Units

    Thesis units work differently than for other subjects. Students must register for 12 units of 6.THM in each graduate term until their thesis is submitted. However, only 24 units will affect their grade point average (the thesis receives a letter-grade).

    During their first semester, students who submit a thesis proposal receive a J (satisfactory) grade in 6.THM; those who do not receive a U (unsatisfactory). Once a proposal has been submitted, students will continue to receive J grades in 6.THM as long as they are making satisfactory progress. During the semester that a student submits their MEng thesis, their supervisor will assign a final letter grade in 6.THM.

    Academic Expectations

    MEng students are expected to maintain a 4.0 GPA and to make continual progress towards their thesis each term. Students who do not meet these requirements will be contacted by the EECS Undergraduate Office for support in planning the remainder of their MEng. In some situations, students may receive warning letters from the Office of the Vice Chancellor.