The department provides advising support for students in a variety of ways.

    Your EECS Audit

    Current students can access their audit here (note that this link is only accessible for current EECS students). This audit shows you exactly how your departmental requirements are being filled, and is the entry point for many other departmental processes (e.g., departmental petitions). You should check your audit regularly. If you spot any problems with your audit, email the Undergraduate Office.

    Your Advisor

    Each EECS student receives an academic advisor to help support them during their time in the department. Advisors are assigned to rising sophomores the summer before their sophomore year, and to double majors or students who have changed majors throughout the semester.

    Students meet with their advisors during Registration for support in planning the semester, but advisors are available throughout the semester to discuss career paths, outside activities, sign forms, etc.

    The Undergraduate Office

    The EECS Undergraduate Office provides a support system for students, advisors, and the Department. It is the office’s mission to guide students through their time at MIT and help them become self-sufficient human beings. They put a particular focus on fostering a sense of community and inclusivity and encouraging intellectual curiosity both within the Department and the Institute.

    If you are having a problem in the department that you and your advisor are unable to resolve – a complicated administrative issue, a challenging personal situation, etc. – or if you just don’t know where to go for a particular issue, consider contacting the Undergraduate Office. You can reach the office by email or sign up for an appointment (in-person or virtual) here. You can also drop by the office in 38-476, but we encourage you to make an appointment first.