6. The MEng Thesis Proposal


The EECS Department requires that a proposal for the MEng Degree be submitted before you have begun substantial work on the thesis.  Thesis proposals are brief documents (1500-2500 words) which focus on the ultimate, novel goals of your research project.  While it is nearly impossible to extrapolate exactly what could (or will) happen during the course of your research, your proposal serves as a thoughtful approximation of the impact that your project could have as new work in the field.

The proposed work of your thesis is ideally completed while you are in continual conversation with your supervisor (or a designee) and should have four component parts: (1) a title page, (2) an abstract, (3) the body of the proposal with at least three distinct sections—Introduction, Related Work, Proposed Work (which includes a timeline), and (4) a bibliography.

Thesis Proposals must be submitted to the Undergraduate Office for approval during the first semester or term a student is a part of the MEng program. Failure to meet the proposal deadline can result in the permanent grade of "U" for Unsatisfactory Progress in 6.THM, and possibly an academic warning.

If students change topics or supervisor(s), they are expected to submit a new proposal.


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