6. The MEng Thesis Proposal


Thesis Proposals must be submitted to the Undergraduate Office for approval during the first semester or term a student is a part of the MEng program. Failure to meet the proposal deadline can result in the permanent grade of "U" for Unsatisfactory Progress in 6.THM, and possibly an academic warning. Proposals for Summer 2020 can be submitted here.

The goal of your proposal is to give an outline of your plan for your MEng thesis that both you and your advisor agree on. There are no formal formatting requirements, and no length requirement (although most of them are 5-10 pages long). You should describe your thesis project, give a little bit of background information (e.g., related work), and describe your plan for completing the work, which should include a timeline. It must have a Thesis Proposal Cover Sheet. 6A students must also submit a proposal accompanied by a company agreement letter

You should think of the proposal as a useful document to you, not just something to fulfill a departmental requirement. It’s a brief guidelines for the rest of your MEng, and it can be useful to refer to if you feel like the scope of your project is growing or changing and want to discuss that with your supervisor.

If students change topics or supervisor(s), they are expected to submit a new proposal.


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