6-P MEng Degree Requirements and Admission Information


Available exclusively to Course 6-1, 6-2, and 6-3 MIT undergraduates*, the EECS Master of Engineering Program (M.Eng.) typically takes an additional two or three terms over what's required for the bachelor's degree. Students receive the EECS bachelor's degree before or with the master's degree.

The M.Eng. requires an additional 90 units of credit (in total):

  • 66 units of class credit -- of these, 42 must be Grad-H level credits and 36 must be in Course VI
  • 24 units of thesis credit
  • The additional units beyond the Grad-H units typically come from research assistantships (RAs) and teaching assistantships (TAs), VI-A credit, or excess undergraduate units

More detailed information on degree requirements can be found in the MIT course catalog.

M.Eng. Admission

A solid technical (letter grades in  6, 8 and 18 classes) GPA of at least 4.25 is required for admission. Candidates also must have at least a 4.0 overall in the term in which they apply, and should have completed at least one UROP. The EECS Office may contact research supervisors for their views on candidates.

We expect to admit all students who satisfy these requirements. Applications by students who do not fulfill these requirements will still be considered on an individual basis.

Students should complete and submit the online application by May 1 of their junior year. For those who are a term out of sync, fall term applications are due Dec. 1. Depending on this application timing, applicants are notified in mid-June or mid-January.

* The 6-7 M.Eng. is available to students beginning with the class of 2013. Students applying for 6-7 M.Eng. should apply here.

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APPLY by Dec 1 for MENG -- Online application will be available soon
Course VI Juniors! Apply by Dec. 1, 2013 for the Master of Engineering! The MEng is open to MIT Course VI undergraduates, and gives them the opportunity to stay at MIT for an extra year to complete a Master's thesis and extra classes including a three-subject concentration in a specific technical area. Learn more from some of our MEng students on the MEng homepage.