6-P MEng Admissions and Degree Requirements


MEng Admission Requirements

Undergraduate students in their third or fourth year are welcome to apply to the MEng program during the fall semester in November or during the spring semester in April. The requirements for admission are as follows:

  • A technical GPA of at least 4.25 (letter grades in 6, 8 and 18 classes)
  • 96 units in the major, which includes 24 units of upper-level (header, independent inquiry, or AUS) courses 
  • An overall GPA of 4.0 (required by the end of the term in which students apply)
  • At least one undergraduate research experience (The EECS Office may contact research supervisors)


 MEng Degree Requirements

In order to earn the Masters of Engineering degree,  students are required to complete at least an additional 90 units of credit beyond the 180 units required for the SB degree. MEng students are expected to earn a grade of at least a B-  in all of their courses and they must also fulfill the Professional Perspective requirement, which introduces various career opportunities open to members of the EECS community.

This 90 units of credit for the MEng degree include the following:

  • 66 units of class credit
    • 42-48 units (four courses) of Approved Advanced Graduate Subjects (AAGS)
      • Three or four courses must come from the Course 6 AAGS list; however,
      • One course from outside of EECS may be included by petition (non Course 6 AAGS classes)
    • Your three-subject MEng concentration may comprise AUSes and AAGSes, but must include at least one AAGS. The concentration areas include the following:


Artificial Intelligence




Computer Systems


Graphics and Human-Computer Interfaces

Materials, Devices, and Nanotechnology

Numerical Methods

Applied Physics

Signals and Systems

Theoretical Computer Science

  • 24 units of Math Restricted Electives (two courses)
    • one of 6.041, 6.436, 18.05, 18.600 or 18.650;
    • one of 6.042, 18.200 or 18.200A; 8.044;
    • one of 18.06, 18.700 or 18.703; one of 18.04, 18.075, or 18.0751;
    • one or 18.085 or 18.0851;
    • one of 18.086 or 18.0861;
    • one of 18.100A, 18.100B, or 18.100C;
    • one of 18.300 or 18.311;
    • 18.330;
    • 18.781;
    • or other math classes by petition
  • 24 units of thesis credit (6.THM)
  • Additional units beyond the 180 units required for the SB and/or units may be earned from RAships and/or TAships.