Meet EECS graduate student Yujia Yang


EECS graduate student Yujia Yang

Where are you from and where did you complete your undergraduate studies?

I came to MIT from China, with a Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Information Science & Electronic Engineering at Zhejiang University, where Professor Jin Au Kong, of whom the fellowship is named in memory, formerly held a position as Honorary Professor.

What is your research about and why are you excited about your project?

I am working with Prof. Karl Berggren in the Quantum Nanostructures & Nanofabrication Group in the Research Laboratory of Electronics. My research interests include nanostructure fabrication and nanoscale electronic and photonic devices. At Zhejiang University, I did modeling and simulation on graphene devices. Now at MIT, I am developing nanostructured field emitters for compact and intense X-ray sources. I’m really excited about doing research on nanoscience and nanotechnology, where the next frontier of electronic and photonic devices lies. The fabrication methods and quantum behaviors of nanoscale devices are crucial to information processing, energy harvesting, medical imaging and many other technologies.

What do you like to do outside of research and academics?

I like sports and often go to play basketball or swim with my friends. Also, I like playing board games and chess. Recently, I find it interesting to develop my cooking skills.

What are your career goals and future plans?

By working through my PhD as well as in my subsequent career, I would like to focus on research and development of technologies that better people’s life in the 21st century. Specifically, I want to apply nanotechnology to electronic and photonic devices, which will give us smaller, faster, healthier, more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly electronic products.

How has this fellowship impacted you?

I’m really grateful to the Jin Au Kong Memorial Fellowship, which helps me a lot starting my graduate study. Without it, I couldn’t have the opportunity to realize my research goals in such a fantastic place like MIT.

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