6.S083 Introduction to Computational Thinking (Common Ground)


Half Term Subject - 2nd half
Undergraduate Level
Prereq: 6.0001
Coreq: 18.02 or equivalent
Units: 3-0-3
Instructors:  Professor Alan Edelman, Visiting Professor David P.  Sanders
Schedule: MW1-2:30, room 34-301; labs TBD
Provides a unifying introduction to computational thinking for technical and general-purpose applications.  The class is intended to break down traditional walls between computation in science, engineering and computer science with applications from these disciplines. As an example, we will see how to apply differentiable programming to machine learning. The class uses Julia to provide students with a complementary programming language, with an emphasis on modifiable codes and performance. We assume no prior Julia experience, but we will build on Python from 6.0001. Fall 2019 pilot class limited to 20 students, preference for students who did well in 6.0001. Begins October 21.