Subject Updates Fall 2019


Check the subject updates for Fall Term 2019 by clicking on the appropriate subject card on this page. These comprise the known changes for subject offerings by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. For further information about any subject contact the instructor directly.

6.S976 Engineering Leadership in the Age of AI
Graduate level; Units. 3-0-9; Prerequisite: none; Instructors: David Nino, Senior Lecturer, Gordon -MIT Enginering Leadership Program (; David Martinez, Associate Division Head, Lincoln Laboratory; Schedule: MW12.30-2, room 4-231
6.881 Intelligent Robot Manipulation
Graduate Level; Units: 3-0-9; Prerequisites: 6.006 and 6.041 and (18.06 or 2.087); Instructors: Profs. Tomas Lozano-Perez, Russ Tedrake; Schedule: TR2:30-4, room 24-121
6.S081 Introduction to Operating Systems (meets with 6.828)
Undergraduate Level - AUS; Units: 3-6-3; Prereqs: 6.004, 6.033: 3-6-3; Instructors: Professors Adam Belay, M. Frans Kaashoek, and Robert T. Morris; Schedule: Lecture: MW1-2.30, room 32-123
6.S080 Software Systems for Data Science
Undergraduate Level - AUS and II; Units: 3-0-9; Prereqs: 6.00, 6.0001, 6.006; Instructors: Sam Madden (, Tim Kraska (; Schedule: LMW2:30-4, room 3-333
6.S082/6.247 Principles of Modeling, Simulations and Control for Electric Energy Systems
Undergraduate (AUS) meets with Graduate Level 6.247; Prerequisites: 6.S082 - 6.011, 6.002; 6.247 - 6.002; Units: 4-0-8; Instructor: Dr. Marija Ilic, Senior Research Scientist,, Prof. David Perreault (; Schedule: Lectures TR9:30-11, Recitation F9:30-11, room 36-153
6.S084/6.884 Computational Aspects of Therapeutic Design
Graduate/Undergraduate Level; Units: 3-0-9; Prereqs: 6.036 or 6.802; Instructor: Professor David Gifford (; Schedule: Lecture TR11-12:30, room 56-114
6.S978 Negotiation and Influence Skills for Technical Leaders
Graduate Level; Units: 2-0-4*; Prerequisites: none; Instructor: David Nino, Senior Lecturer, Gordan-MIT Engieering Leadership Program (; Schedule: Lecture T1-3, room 66-144
6.S078 Principles of Digital Communication (meets with 6.450)
Undergraduate Level; Units: 3-0-9; Prerequisites: 6.011; Instructor: Professor Muriel Medard (; Schedule: LMW11-12:30, room 4-261