Qualification for Doctoral Study

The department has instituted a doctoral qualification procedure that consists of two parts, the TQE (technical qualification evaluation), and the RQE (research qualification exam). For details, please refer to the EECS Department TQE information for details.





Image, left: Fast data sensing in very high-density (45nm) SRAM. State-of-the-art high-density SRAMs require just 0.25μm2 to store a data bit, and the large memories that are possible as a result are one of the main enablers of the highly powerful microprocessors of today. This prototype, employs a sense-amplifier that specifically targets the dominant sources of variation to quickly read SRAM data. Results show a 34% improvement in speed of read-time. Courtesy N. Verma, Lab of Prof. Anantha Chandrakasan, Area III.

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