EECS Area IV Engineering Physics topic: Power Area I Applied Physics and Devices: Energy

The topic of Energy is of growing interest to the faculty/staff and students of ApplPhysDev, and within EECS. Of importance are the issues related to energy generation and storage, including energy efficiency. The topic of Energy is highly multidisciplinary and also spans other ApplPhysDev topics such as materials and devices, power, microsystems and nanotechnology, and electromagnetics too! A valuable resource for more detailed descriptions of research underway in EECS can be found at the website:

Additionally, within the whole of MIT, a significant focus is on energy transcending many departments and labs and centers. MIT is engaged in a campus-wide energy initiative called MITEI, MIT Energy Initiative, and has two goals (i) to improve today’s energy systems and (ii) to create tomorrow’s global energy marketplace. MITEI is highlighted at Many ApplPhysDev faculty/staff/students are engaged in MITEI offering their expertise grounded in engineering physics.

Although the EECS section of MIT’s Open Course Ware (OCW) and the Course 6 section of the MIT Catalogue provide more complete lists of subjects, those EECS subjects emphasizing Energy include the undergraduate and graduate subjects listed below.

Undergraduate Subjects:

6.007 Fall, Spring Applied Electromagnetics: from Motors to Lasers
6.012 Fall, Spring Microelectronic Devices and Circuits
6.013 Fall, Spring Electromagnetics and Applications (meets with 6.630)
6.061 Spring Introduction to Electric Power Systems
6.131 Fall Power Electronics Laboratory
6.161 Fall Modern Optics Project Laboratory (meets with 6.637)
6.334 Spring Power Electronics

First Year and Introductory Graduate Subjects:

6.336J Fall Introduction to Numerical Simulation
6.339J Fall Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
6.630 Fall Electromagnetics
6.632 Spring Electromagnetic Wave Theory
6.637 Fall Optical Signals, Devices, and Systems
6.641 Spring Electromagnetic Fields, Forces, and Motion
6.673 Spring, alt odd yrs Introduction to Numerical Simulation in Electrical Engineering

More Advanced Graduate Subjects:

6.685 Fall Electric Machines
6.690 Spring Introduction to Electric Power Systems
6.691 Spring Seminar in Electric Power Systems
6.729 Fall Molecular Electronics
6.789 Fall Organic Optoelectronics

The following seminars cover material relevant to the topic of Energy in Area IV Engineering Physics:

LEES seminar, Thursdays, 4PM, room 32-145

Center for Integrated Photonic Systems (CIPS) Brown Bag Seminar Series

The following laboratories provide significant resources for research emphacizing Energy:

Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC)
Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems (LEES) now combined with the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE)
High Voltage Research Laboratory (HVRL)
Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL)
Nanostructures Laboratory (NSL)