Minor in Computer Science


Computational thinking is an essential skill in all engineering and scientific disciplines. The Minor in Computer Science will give you a strong background in the fundamentals of programming, algorithms, and discrete mathematics. In addition, you'll complete two courses in the advanced areas of your choice: computer systems, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and/or theoretical computer science. Upon completion of the minor you'll have the knowledge and skills needed to make effective use of computer science concepts and computing technology in your future career.

The Minor in Computer Science is open to all undergraduates except those in courses 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 6-7, 6-14, 7, and 18C. You normally apply online by the end of your sophomore year but no later than Add Date one full term before the term in which you expect to receive the SB degree. For more information please see the Registrar's Guidelines for an Undergraduate Minor.

The application form is completed online. Advising for the Minor is available through our online Question and Answer Forum, where you'll get a fast response to both your public and private questions regarding academics or administration. We anticipate that we'll automatically notify the Registrar when you complete the minor assuming you haven't withdrawn your application from our online system -- no completion forms required!

A Minor in Computer Science requires six subjects in Course 6. A minimum of four subjects taken for the Minor cannot also count toward a major or another minor. There are four required subjects and two elective subjects selected from the lists below. Other than as described in the footnotes, no substitutions of other courses are allowed. Note that subjects taken under the Junior-Senior P/D/F grading option cannot be used for the Minor.**

** CoC has granted permission for subjects completed before Fall 2016 with a grade of P to be used to satisfy requirements of the CS Minor.

Required Subjects

Please note that each taken subject can only be used to satisfy one of the requirements below.

Elective Subjects

Two additional courses are to be selected from the Basic or Advanced list, with at least one course selected from the Advanced list.


Do you have administrative or academic questions regarding the Minor? Please use the link below to post your questions publicly or privately on our online Question and Answer Forum:

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