Undergraduate vs. Graduate Student Status


M.Eng. students are required to be listed as graduate students in their last regular semester. Institute rules differ for undergraduates and graduate students, and it is not possible to switch status back and forth. Students who have not received their bachelor's degree when they become grad students are both undergraduates and graduate students. The graduate status has more weight, and thus if there are conflicts in the rules, the graduate rules usually apply. Students with both statuses are still eligible for eight terms of housing. Those who have received a bachelor's degree can no longer participate in UROPs or live in undergraduate housing. Students must have at least 180 units beyond the GIRs, with all but one or two of the GIRs completed to become a grad student early. It is NOT necessary to have completed all of the undergraduate degree requirements.

Becoming a Graduate Student

Students admitted to the M.Eng. need simply email Anne Hunter, anneh@mit.edu, indicate they wish to become a graduate student, and note in which term they would like the status to apply.
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