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China Educational Technology Initiative (CETI) team teaching EECS and other subject matter at several Chinese high schools, summer 2008. From left Barry Bannon, Course 10, Class 2010, and EECS students Kyle Knobloch, Class of 2011, and Irene Fan, M.S. candidate. For more images (and testimonials)EECS students are encouraged to take advantage of the growing opportunities for incorporating an international internship experience into their MIT EECS education — now possible in numerous countries across the globe during any phase of their undergraduate or graduate experience. Students can achieve this goal through the VI-A International Program or the MISTI Program.

International transfer of teaching methodology and research is being developed with premier universities abroad allowing younger faculty to spend a semester or year at MIT—teaming with EECS faculty in teaching core curricula and starting research projects with UROP and graduate students. In addition, EECS Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants and undergraduate UROP students who work with the visiting faculty will have the opportunity to return for a semester (or summer) to help transfer course materials and/or complete the research projects. Learn more at Empower the Teachers.

The EECS International program will continue to grow through the efforts of the EECS International Group.