MIT Departmental BPC plan

    Data from many institutions at BPCNet

    We are trying to assist PIs in satisfying BPC requirement and Broader impact section, and we have written a department BPC plan.  It can be found here and was approved by NSF. You can pick one of more of the tasks from the departmental plan and copy-paste much of the text and statistics to help the preparation of your own project plan. Now that the department plan has been approved by NSF, linking to the department plan can help you convince your program manager and reviewers that these activities are valid BPC talks. If these activities don’t work for you, you can consult a list of possible activities at NCWIT and BPCnet Activity Library, or the EECS  how can I help page.

    Fredo has attended a BPC workshop and can give you pointers or feedback. (See his slides for a start. ) For people applying outside of CISE, similar activities can help with broader impact. 

    We would also love to hear what PIs are doing. Please email us your BPC proposal or broader impact section. 

    NSF and CRA offer free consulting about your plan. Go to their online system to schedule a 30m minuet or 60 minute meeting with a BPC specialist who can give you feedback about your plan. 

    BPCNet clearinghouse for the community to learn about and engage with ongoing projects to address underrepresentation in computing. Lots of resources including templates and checklist.

    Examples of BPC projects.

    Extra money can be requested after the award is approved in order to support the BPC plan. (We hear 4 to 8%, but it’s not confirmed.) We will happily help you spend that money. Talk to us!

    BPC activities do not need to relate to the research and they do not need to be novel. Taking some training (e.g. about implicit bias, bystander intervention, inclusive pedagogy) is also a useful step towards broadening participation.

    Workshops to learn about BPC project plans

    UW has a good page about NSF BPC

    Jeff Forbes 1 hour webinar and corresponding slides

    Organization involved in BPC from above slides:

    National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) and EngageCSE; CS for all CAHSI advancing Hispanics in computing ; REAL-CS ; ECEP Expanding Computing Education Pathways ; STARS Computing Corps ; AccessComputing at UW ;iAAMCS Institute for African-American Mentoring in Computing Sciences.

    Suggestions for PI BPC projects

    Become the department’s data chair: work with Institutional Research to collect and analyze diversity, equity and inclusion data in the department. 

    Get involved in outreach programs.

    Help make our curriculum more friendly to students without a prior CS background (which tends to be the case more often with women and URMs).

    Help women and URMs prepare for their faculty applications and interviews by offering to act as a mock interview partner

    Help organize Rising Stars

    Add more material about SERC in your courses. 

    Organize a study of our entry-level classes and how they serve different populations. 

    Participate in a review of our graduate admission process.