Event: undergraduates and graduate students get acquainted

    Conversation and companionship grew at the Dec. 8th event. Photo credit: Ellen Reid

    On the last day of class for the fall 2021 semester, women in EECS came together for conversation and delicious hors d’oeuvres. Sponsored by EECS Thriving Stars, the EECS Undergraduate Office in partnership with the EECS Graduate Office, hosted undergraduate women and members of GW6 (Graduate Women in Course VI) to nurture community building. Along with getting acquainted, conversation focused on classes, research, the PhD degree, campus life and extracurricular interests. Undergraduate students thinking about graduate school had a perfect chance to talk more about the PhD degree with EECS graduate students on the PhD journey. Graduate women in their first semester of the PhD program, along with women about to graduate or recently graduated, were in attendance and eager to chat. Jessica Quaye (EECS MEng student) shared: “I had a great conversation with a PhD student who also applied to the MIT EECS PhD program while completing her MEng. She shared insights on her decision to stay here versus go to another school or even into industry. Then, after I described my MEng thesis to her, she took my email and followed up with links to related work that could improve my idea.” Graduate Officer Prof. Leslie Kolodziejski commented: “We aim to support the community of like-minded women who have a multitude of research interests, similar career goals, and who will find inspiration and support by mentoring each other.” At the same time, as we continue to endure the long pandemic, past friendships were rekindled as students came together from across EECS for an in-person social.