1. Introduction: What comprises the MEng Thesis?


The thesis comprises an original investigation, including a written document on a subject, approved by a departmental or interdepartmental graduate committee prior to the beginning of the research (cf. The Office of Graduate Education). In the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, a Master’s of Engineering (MEng) thesis may consist of a design project, an analytical paper, or experimental work of a technical nature.

Students are expected to begin work on their thesis from the start of the MEng program. During the MEng program, students register for 6.THM. The thesis should be completed in no more than three graduate terms, not including summers. The MIT Archives division of the MIT Libraries documents the correct formatting of MIT graduate theses. 

Examples of MEng theses include the following:

  • Design of a system followed by construction, test, and evaluation;
  • Formulation of an analytical or computational model of a system or process, simulation of the model, and comparison with actual data;
  • Development of a computer program that might
    • simulate a real system (e.g. Artificial Intelligence);
    • aid in a diagnostic procedure;
    • provide sophisticated, real-time analysis of measured data;
    • develop and analyze a theory or theorem which is an abstraction or idealization of an actual process or system;
    • apply some of the standard methods (of communication theory or control theory, for example) to aid in understanding of a process or system.
  • Experimental study of physical phenomena

Students are encouraged to find a research supervisor during the fourth year of the undergraduate program and may start a project through UROP or SuperUROP programs. Thesis advisors must be affiliated with MIT or with associated research labs (including Draper, Lincoln Labs, MGH/Harvard Medical note: Certain projects at these labs may depend upon citizenship requirments) .

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