6.S08 Interconnected Embedded Systems (new)


Institute Lab
Prerequisites: none
Units: 1-5-6
Instructors:  Prof. Joel Voldman (voldman@mit.edu), Dr. Joseph Steinmeyer (jodalyst@mit.edu)
Schedule: Lectures T2, room 56-154, Labs: T3-4:30, R2-5, room 36-153
Satisfies current 6.01 requirement for EECS majors.
Introduction to embedded systems in the context of connected devices, wearables and the "Internet of Things". Topics include microcontrollers, energy utilization, algorithmic efficiency, interfacing with sensors, networking, cryptography, local versus distributed computation, data analytics, and 3D printing. Students will design, make, and program an internet-connected wearable device. Final project where student teams will design and demo their own cloud-connected wearable system. Licensed for Spring 2016 by the Committee on Curricula. Enrollment limited; preference to first- and second-year students.