6.S081 Introduction to Operating Systems


Undergraduate Level -AUS
Units: 3-6-3
Prereqs: 6.004
Instructors:  Professors M. Frans Kaashoek, and Robert Morris
Schedule:  L MW1-2:30, online instruction

This fall 6.S081 will be taught as a stand-alone AUS subject,

separately from 6.828 (Operating System Engineering).  6.S081 will

provide an introduction to operating systems, while 6.828 will be

offered as a graduate-level seminar-style class.  6.828 will assume

you have taken 6.S081 or an equivalent class.


The topics covered in 6.S081 include: virtual memory; file systems;

threads; context switches; kernels; interrupts; system calls;

interprocess communication; coordination, and interaction between

software and hardware. A multi-processor operating system for RISC-V

is used to illustrate these topics. Individual laboratory assignments

involve extending an operating system kernel, for example to support

sophisticated virtual memory features and network

protocols. Programming experience is a prerequisite, ideally in the C



6.S081 was offered last year for the first time and received positive

reviews. Prof. Kaashoek and Morris are looking forward to teaching it

this fall!  
More information on how this subject will be taught can be found here: