Independent Study and Research


Independent Study/Research

In every case it is the student's responsibility to find a supervisor for the research or study undertaken. The student must file a Course VI Independent Study Approval Form by the Add Date of every term for which he or she registers for any of the numbers except UROP and the M.Eng. thesis.

6.UR Undergraduate Research Opportunities and SuperUROP

The online UROP application must be completed by the UROP deadline each term. A short report (around two pages) is required at the end of each term for a final grade to be awarded.

For more general information, visit the MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program and see the EECS Undergraduate Office Insights on finding a UROP.  For more information and application for the "Super UROP" visit the site (MIT certificates required).

6.100 Independent Research Project

6.100 is the appropriate number for work that is a coherent laboratory project suitable for letter grade credit. It is always taken for a letter grade, and the same project should not continue for more than one term. A proposal must be submitted by Add Date. It is almost always supervised by department faculty or senior research staff. The intent is that it should be more structured (a defined laboratory project) than a UROP (which may be more vague) and that it must be a limited, one-term project. A final report of at least ten pages must be submitted, accompanied by an Independent Study Grade Form and Cover Sheet. 6.100 is administered by the Course VI Undergraduate Office in 38-476. No more than 12 units of 6.100 may be taken in one term. It may be repeated for credit.

6.910 Independent Reading Course

6.910 is to be used for independent study which does not involve laboratory work or research. It should be used only when a subject in the desired area does not exist at MIT. A short bibliography must be submitted; an annotated bibliography must be submitted at the conclusion. This is to be a one-term subject. See Forms.

6.920 Practical Work Experience

The student must register for the work in the term in which it is performed, except in the case of summer work, which should be registered in the fall term. To receive credit, a substantive final report (approximately two pages), a letter from the company stating that the work was completed satisfactorily, and a 6.920 Practical Work Experience Final Grade Sheet signed by the MIT supervisor must be submitted to the Undergraduate Office within 30 days after the final date of employment.

6.920 may not normally be used for work arranged through the IAP Externship Program; and VI-A students are not eligible for 6.920 internships. 6.920 may be used for no more than three summers and one IAP (before graduation), for very temporary work, or for  work done during a semester when the student is registered as a full-time MIT student. 

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