Faculty EE

Akintunde Akinwande

Thomas and Gerd Perkins Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Professor of EE, [EE]

Dimitri Antoniadis

Ray and Maria Stata Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Professor Emeritus), [EE]

Ahmad Bahai

Professor of the Practice, [EE]

Marc A Baldo

Director, RLE; Dugald C. Jackson Professor in Electrical Engineering, [EE]

Karl Berggren

Joseph F. and Nancy P. Keithley Professor in Electrical Engineering, [EE]

Duane Boning

Associate Director, MTL; Clarence J. LeBel Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Engineering Faculty Co-Director, LGO , [EE and AI+D]

Vincent Chan

Joan and Irwin M. (1957) Jacobs Professor, [AI+D and EE]

Anantha Chandrakasan

Dean, MIT School of Engineering; Vannevar Bush Professor, [EE and CS]

Isaac Chuang

Professor of EE, [AI+D and EE, CS]

Sam Coday

Emanuel E. Landsman (1958) Career Development Professor, Assistant Professor [EE]

Luca Daniel

Professor of EECS, [EE and AI+D]

Jesús del Alamo

Donner Professor of Science, [EE]

Dirk Englund

Associate Professor of EECS, [EE and AI+D]

James Fujimoto

Elihu Thomson Professor in Electrical Engineering, [EE]

Martha Gray

Whitaker Professor in Biomedical Engineering, Professor of EECS, [EE]

Peter Hagelstein

Associate Professor of EE, [EE]

Jongyoon Han

Professor of EE; Professor of Biological Engineering, [EE]

Ruonan Han

EECS Undergraduate Laboratory Officer; Associate Professor, [EE]

Qing Hu

Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, [EE]

James Kirtley, Jr.

Professor of EE (Post-Tenure), [EE]

Leslie Kolodziejski

EECS Graduate Officer; Professor of EE, [EE]

Jing Kong

Professor of EE, [EE and AI+D]

Jeffrey Lang

Vitesse Professor, [EE]

Hae-Seung Lee

Advanced Television and Signal Processing (ATSP) Professor, [EE]

Steven Leeb

Emanuel E. Landsman (1958) Professor, [EE and CS]

Luqiao Liu

Associate Professor of EECS, [EE]

Muriel Médard

NEC Professor of Software Science and Engineering, [EE and CS, AI + D]

Farnaz Niroui

Assistant Professor, [EE]

Jelena Notaros

Robert J. Shillman (1974) Career Development Professor in EECS, Assistant Professor, [EE]

Kevin P. O’Brien

Associate Professor, [EE]

William D. Oliver

Associate Director, RLE; Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor, [EE and AI+D]

Terry Orlando

Professor of EE (Post-Tenure), [EE]

Tomás Palacios

Director, Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL); Clarence J. Lebel Professor in Electrical Engineering, [EE]

David Perreault

Ford Foundation Professor of Engineering, [EE]

Rajeev Ram

Professor of EE, [EE and AI+D]

L. Rafael Reif

MIT President Emeritus; Ray and Maria Stata Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, [EE]

Negar Reiskarimian

Assistant Professor, [EE]

Martin Schmidt

Professor of EECS (on leave), [EE]

Jeffrey Shapiro

Julius A. Stratton Professor in EE (Post-Tenure), [EE and AI+D]

Tess Smidt

X-Window Consortium Professor, Assistant Professor [EE]

Charles Sodini

Founder & Co-Director, Medical Electronic Device Realization Center (MEDRC); Clarence J. LeBel Professor of Electrical Engineering (Post-Tenure), [EE]

Joel Voldman

Faculty Head, EE; William R. Brody (1965) Professor, [EE]

Cardinal Warde

Professor of EE, [EE]

Sixian You

Alfred Henry (1929) and Jean Morrison Hayes Career Development Professor, Assistant Professor, [EE]