Faculty EE

Anantha Chandrakasan

Dean, MIT School of Engineering; Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, MIT; Vannevar Bush Professor, [EE and CS]

Priya Donti

Assistant Professor, [EE, AI+D]

Song Han

Associate Professor, [EE and CS]

Ericmoore Jossou

Assistant Professor, [EE] (shared position, Nuclear Science and Engineering and EECS)

Asu Ozdaglar

EECS Department Head; MIT Schwarzman College of Computing Deputy Dean of Academics; MathWorks Professor of EECS, [AI+D and EE, CS]

Yury Polyanskiy

Education Officer for AI+D; Professor of EECS, [AI+D and EE]

Tess Smidt

X-Window Consortium Professor, Assistant Professor [EE]

Gerald Sussman

Panasonic Professor, [CS and EE, AI+D]

Vivienne Sze

Associate Professor of EECS, [EE and CS, AI+D]