EECS Alliance

    Bringing MIT and Industry together for more than 100 years

    Alliance Goals

    The EECS Alliance is a collaboration between the MIT EECS Department and some of the most innovative and impactful organizations in the world. We are guided by four core objectives:

    • Help create a pipeline of new engineers and scientists ready to solve industry’s most pressing challenges and problems.
    • Work with our industry members to shape a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive future in EE, CS, and AI&D.
    • Facilitate seamless transitions between the world of MIT and the one of industry.
    • Open our students’ eyes to the diverse career paths and exciting opportunities available in EE, CS, and AI&D.

    Membership Levels

    Flagship Programs

    • Internships
    • Networking Events
    • Industry Mentor Program
    • Industry-Sponsored Undergraduate Research
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Experiential Ethics

    Contact the Alliance

    For more information about the EECS Alliance, please contact:

    Aude Oliva and Tomás Palacios (EECS Industry Officers) at