The 6-A Program helps MIT EECS students to do impactful full-time internships in industry and government labs. Many of the students in the 6-A program are interested in pursuing their M.Eng. degree, and the program allows them to use the work done at the company during the M.Eng. year towards their MEng thesis.

    More than 2,500 Course 6 students have gone through the program over the years, including Amar Bose (founder of Bose Corporation), Cecil Green (founder of Texas Instruments), Andrew Viterbi (founder of Qualcomm), Ray Stata (founder of Analog Devices), Thuan Pham (Uber CTO), Lisa Su (CEO of AMD) and many others.


    Student Eligibility:

    • Course 6 Student
    • Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and PhD
    • Must be in good academic standing
    • Committed to the completion of the internship
    • MEng students must be accepted into the MEng program before applying to 6a

    Typical Recruiting Timeline

    Recruitment may occur year-round. Typically 6A will hold two recruitment events. (Spring and Fall)

    Students seeking a 3-month summer/fall or a combined 6-month summer/fall semester experience will be looking in the spring semester (March-May), and students seeking a 3-month spring or a combined 6-month spring/summer semester will be looking during the fall semester (Sept-Dec).

    Most students will plan and align their schedules accordingly.

    Interviews: Student interviews may occur on-campus or via phone or video. Some companies may want to prescreen candidates or provide a technical test before moving on to the interview process.

    Offers: Companies will send offers directly to the students. Students will have 2 weeks to either accept or decline the offer. A student may accept an offer early before the offer deadline, but should not feel pressured to do so.

    Work Term Options

    Track #1 Undergraduate students can do 3-month full-time internships in industry and government labs.

    Track #2 Provides full-time 6-month internships to MEng students. In this track, the student will do an internship at a 6-A company during which the student works on their M.Eng. Thesis.

    Track #3 Ideal for Ph.D. students looking to do a 3-month full-time Summer internship

    “I loved my 6-A assignment at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Not only was I able to apply the skills I learned in the classroom, but I was able to work with top-notch engineers in a fast paced environment. I gained a deeper understanding of how to successfully work on a team and contribute to an ongoing project.”

    Erin Main
    MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA