Elfar Adalsteinsson

Education Officer for Electrical Engineering, Eaton-Peabody Professor, [EE and AI+D]

Pulkit Agrawal

Steven G. (1968) and Renee Finn Career Development Professor, Assistant Professor. [AI+D and CS]

Sara Beery

Assistant Professor

Frederic Durand

Amar Bose Professor of Computing, [AI+D and CS]

William Freeman

Thomas and Gerd Perkins Professor of EECS (Post-Tenure), [AI+D]

Polina Golland

Sunlin (1966) and Priscilla Chou Professor, [AI+D]

W. Eric L Grimson

Chancellor for Academic Advancement; Interim Vice President for Open Learning; Bernard M. Gordon Professor of Medical Engineering; Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, [CS and AI+D]

John Guttag

Dugald C. Jackson Professor in Electrical Engineering, [CS]

Berthold Horn

Professor of CS and Engineering (Post-Tenure), [CS and AI+D]

Daniel Huttenlocher

Dean, MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing; Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor, [CS and AI+D]

Phillip Isola

Class of 1948 Career Development Professor, Associate Professor, [AI+D]

Dina Katabi

Thuan (1990) and Nicole Pham Professor, [CS and AI+D]

Mina Konakovic Lukovic

Assistant Professor, [AI+D]

Jae Lim

Professor of EE (Post-Tenure), [EE and AI+D]

Wojciech Matusik

Professor of EECS, [CS and AI+D]

Jonathan Ragan-Kelley

Associate Professor, [CS and AI+D]

Vincent Sitzmann

Assistant Professor, [AI+D]

Justin Solomon

Associate Professor of EECS, [AI+D and CS]

Antonio Torralba

Faculty Head, AI+D; Delta Electronics Professor, [AI+D]

Alan Willsky

Edwin Sibley Webster Professor of EECS (Post-Tenure), [AI+D]

Gregory Wornell

Sumitomo Electric Industries Professor in Engineering, [AI+D]