Elfar Adalsteinsson

Education Officer for Electrical Engineering, Eaton-Peabody Professor, [EE and AI+D]

Sangeeta Bhatia

John and Dorothy Wilson Professor of Biochemistry, [EE and AI+D]

Connor Wilson Coley

Assistant Professor / Shared appointment in ChemE, [AI+D]

Dennis Freeman

Education Officer for EECS, Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor, [EE and AI+D]

James Fujimoto

Elihu Thomson Professor in EE, [EE]

Polina Golland

Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor, [AI+D]

Martha Gray

J. W. Kieckhefer Professor, [EE]

W. Eric L Grimson

MIT Chancellor for Academic Advancement; Bernard M. Gordon Professor in Medical Engineering, [CS and AI+D]

John Guttag

Dugald C. Jackson Professor of EECS , [CS]

Jongyoon Han

Professor of EE;, Professor of Biological Engineering, [EE]

Ruonan Han

Associate Professor, [EE]

Thomas Heldt

Associate Professor of EECS and in IMES, [EE and AI+D]

Manolis Kellis

Professor of CS, [AI+D and CS]

Tomás Lozano-Pérez

School of Engineering Professor of Teaching Excellence, [AI+D]

Timothy Lu

Associate Professor of EE, [EE]

Nidhi Seethapathi

Assistant Professor / Shared Appointment in BCS, [AI + D]

Charles Sodini

Founder & Co-Director, Medical Electronic Device Realization Center (MEDRC), Clarence J. LeBel Professor of EE (Post-Tenure), [EE]

Collin Stultz

Nina T. and Robert H. Rubin Professor, [AI+D and EE]

Peter Szolovits

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering; Professor of Health Sciences and Technology, [AI+D and CS]

Bruce Tidor

Professor of EECS; , Professor of Biological Engineering, [AI+D]

George Verghese

Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering (Post-Tenure), [EE and AI+D]

Joel Voldman

Faculty Head, EE; Clarence J. LeBel Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, [EE]

Sixian You

Alfred Henry (1929) and Jean Morrison Hayes Career Development Professor, Assistant Professor, [EE]