Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE)


James Fujimoto named 2022 recipient of the IEEE Medal for Innovations in Healthcare Technology

November 29, 2021

James Fujimoto, the Elihu Thomson Professor in Electrical Engineering, has been named the 2022 recipient of the IEEE Medal for Innovations in Healthcare Technology. In the award citation,

A universal system for decoding any type of data sent across a network

September 17, 2021

New chip eliminates the need for specific decoding hardware, could boost efficiency of gaming systems, 5G networks, the internet of things, and more.

Lawrence Frishkopf, expert in communications biophysics, dies at 90.

August 12, 2021

Lawrence Frishkopf, Professor of EECS, Emeritus, died on June 25th, 2021, one day before his 91st birthday. An area chair in the department, Frishkopf was affiliated with both

Clearing the way toward robust quantum computing

June 25, 2021

A tunable coupler can switch the qubit-qubit interaction on and off. Unwanted, residual (ZZ) interaction between the two qubits is eliminated by harnessing higher energy levels of the

Engineers create a programmable fiber

June 23, 2021

MIT researchers have created the first fabric-fiber to have digital capabilities, ready to collect, store and analyze data using a neural network. Image: Anna Gitelson-Kahn. Photo by Roni Cnaani.


Q&A: Vivienne Sze on crossing the hardware-software divide for efficient artificial intelligence

April 30, 2021

Associate professor Vivienne Sze is bringing artificial intelligence applications to smartphones and tiny robots by co-designing energy-efficient hardware and software. Image: Lillie Paquette/MIT School of Engineering Not so long

Lim J Headshot-HDTV.jpg

Distinguished Postdoc Fellowship Program Announced; First Of Its Kind

April 23, 2021

Professor of Electrical Engineering Jae Lim The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is launching a novel postdoctoral fellowship program, funded by Professor of Electrical Engineering Jae

Williams Oliver Madry 2.jpg

Three EECS professors awarded 2021 Faculty Research Innovation Fellowships (FRIFs)

April 14, 2021

From left to right: Ryan Williams, William Oliver, and Aleksander Madry The Department of EECS has awarded three Faculty Research Innovation Fellowships (FRIFs) to Professor Aleksander Madry, Associate


Nanowire could provide a stable, easy-to-make superconducting transistor

February 23, 2021

MIT researchers are developing a superconducting nanowire, which could enable more efficient superconducting electronics. Image: Christine Daniloff, MIT Superconductors — materials that conduct electricity without resistance — are remarkable.


Transforming quantum computing’s promise into practice

January 19, 2021

MIT electrical engineer William D. Oliver develops the fundamental technology to enable reliable quantum computers at scale. Image credit: Adam Glanzman. It was music that sparked William Oliver’s