Signal Processing

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October 20, 2021

George Verghese receives 2021 Capers and Marion McDonald Award for Excellence in Mentoring and Advising

MIT’s School of Engineering has named George Verghese, Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, the 2021 recipient of the Capers and Marion McDonald Award

2021 Rising Stars Academic Career Workshop

Rising Stars is an intensive workshop for graduate students and postdocs with historically marginalized or underrepresented genders who are interested in pursuing academic careers in electrical engineering, computer

Gregory Wornell

Sumitomo Electric Industries Professor in Engineering, [AI+D]

(617) 253-3513

Office: 36-677

George Verghese

Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering (Post-Tenure), [EE and AI+D]

(617) 253-4612

Office: 10-140K

Alan Oppenheim

Ford Professor of Engineering (Post-Tenure), [EE and CS, AI+D]

(617) 253-4177

Office: 36-615D

Hae-Seung Lee

Director, MTL; Advanced Television and Signal Processing (ATSP) Professor of EE, [EE]

(617) 253-5174

Office: 39-521

Jae Lim

Professor of EE (Post-Tenure), [EE and AI+D]

(617) 253-8143

Office: 36-653

Louis Braida

Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor (Emeritus)

(617) 253-2575

Office: 36-709

Anantha Chandrakasan

Dean, MIT School of Engineering;, Vannevar Bush Professor of EECS, [EE and CS]

(617) 258-0818

Office: 1-206