Human-Computer Interaction

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November 23, 2021

Adedolapo Adedokun named 2023 Mitchell Scholar

The MIT senior will pursue postgraduate studies in intelligent systems in Ireland.

September 17, 2021

Engineers create 3D-printed objects that sense how a user is interacting with them

Advance incorporates sensing directly into an object’s material, with applications for assistive technology and “intelligent” furniture.

2021 Rising Stars Academic Career Workshop

Rising Stars is an intensive workshop for graduate students and postdocs with historically marginalized or underrepresented genders who are interested in pursuing academic careers in electrical engineering, computer

Victor Zue

Delta Electronics Professor of EECS (Post-Tenure), [AI+D and CS]

(617) 253-8513

Office: 32-G470

Wojciech Matusik

Professor of EECS , [CS and AI+D]

(617) 324-8432

Office: 32-D426

Robert Miller

Education Officer for Computer Science, Distinguished Professor of CS, [CS]

(617) 324-6028

Office: 32-G718

Daniel Jackson

Professor of CS and Engineering, [CS]

(617) 258-8471

Office: 32-G704

David Karger

Professor of CS and Engineering, [CS]

(617) 258-6167

Office: 32-G592

Randall Davis

Professor of CS and Engineering, [AI+D]

(617) 253-5879

Office: 32-237