The TQE in Area II

The TQE requires that a student demonstrate competence in four graduate subjects, selecting at least one subject from each of three groups (see Table below). Competence in each subject can be demonstrated by earning at least an A- grade. If a student gets two or more grades less than A-, an oral examination will be required on all subjects for which the grade is less than A-. Each subject grade less than a B- also requires an oral examination in that subject.






Artificial Intelligence

Please refer to the EECS Department TQE information.


Each student, with the aid of his or her graduate counselor, should formulate a plan for satisfying the TQE requirement. This plan should be submitted to the EECS Graduate Office (38-444) by registration day of the second semester. Each student should plan to complete TQE subjects no later than the end of the third semester.

TQE oral exams, if needed, should be taken after all four subjects have been completed, usually by the end of the third semester.