Fellowship Awards NEWS


The EECS Department is pleased to share the fellowship awards news of its graduate students.  If you are an enrolled EECS graduate student and wish to share your news, please contact the Graduate Office.  We want to share your good news and congratulations!


Liane Bernstein selected for the Order of the White Rose Scholarship
EECS graduate student Liane Bernstein has been named as the second recipient of the Order of the White Rose.
Google names Ludwig Schmidt as 2016 PhD Fellow in Machine Learning
Google has named EECS Graduate Student Ludwig Schmidt as one of its 2016 Google PhD Fellows in Machine Learning. He was chosen from a very competitive field of nominations from North Ameria, Europe and the Middle East.
Google selects Amy Zhang as a 2016 PhD Fellow in HCI
Amy Zhang selected by Google as a 2016 PhD Fellow in HCI. Amy who researches social Computing, HCI and computational social science was among the 39 Google PhD Fellows chosen from a very competitive field of nominations from North America, Europe and the Middle East.
Bolei Zhou chosen as 2016 Facebook Fellow
3rd year EECS Graduate Student Bolei Zhou has been selected as a 2016 Facebook Fellow in the field of Computer Vision
IBM selects Arturs Backurs as 2016 IBM PhD Fellow
Arturs Backurs has been selected as a 2016 IBM PhD Fellow from a very competitive national pool of nominations.
Texas Instruments names EECS Graduate Student Shireen Warnock as their 2015 TI Graduate Women's Fellow for Leadership in Microelectronics
EECS Graduate Student Shireen Warnock has been selected by Texas Instruments for their 2015 TI Graduate Women’s Fellowship for Leadership in Microelectronics.
EECS graduate student Sumaiya Nazeen named 2016 Ludwig Center Fellow
Sumaiya Nazeen has been named a 2016 Ludwig Center for Molecular Oncology Graduate Fellow. Nazeen has been recognized as an outstanding MIT Graduate Student working on Cancer with a focus on metastasis.
5 EECS Students named to the Siebel Scholars Class of 2016
EECS Students named to the Siebel Class of 2016
Yu-Hsin Chen is selected as a 2015 NVIDIA Fellow
EECS fifth Year Student, Yu-Hsin Chen has been selected as a 2015 NVIDIA Fellow. “The NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship Program recognizes and supports excellence in GPU computing research in universities worldwide.
Gunter selected as TI Graduate Women Fellow for Leadership in Microelectronics
Texas Instruments has selected MIT EECS student Samantha Gunter as the 2014 Texas Instruments Graduate Women’s Fellow for Leadership in Microelectronics recognizing her leadership and performance among women researchers in the field of Microelectronics.
Qualcomm Innovators include Nadeau and Mimee
Ph.D. candidates Phillip Nadeau (EECS/MTL) and Mark Mimee (Microbiology) have won a Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship for their joint proposal: “BacMOS: Electronic bio-sensors using synthetic biological transducers.” The fellowship, sponsored by Qualcomm Inc is designed to "cultivate new and forward thinking ideas and continue to further research and development overall.” (https://www.qualcomm.com/invention/research/university-relations/innovation-fellowship)
Sergey Gorbunov Awarded Microsoft PhD Research Fellowship
Current EECS Graduate Student Sergey Gorbunov has been awarded a Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship. The Fellowship recognizes the best and brightest PhD’s in the US and Canada for a two-year fellowship program.
Deniz Yorukoglu chosen as IBM PhD Fellowship Finalist
Deniz Yorukoglu, a third year PhD student in the EECS Graduate Program at MIT has been selected as a finalist in the nations IBM PhD Fellowship Awards Program. The IBM PhD Fellowship Awards Program is an intensely competitive worldwide program. Deniz's research interest is finding algorithmic solutions for important problems in biomedicine. He is particularly interested in tackling big data problems that arise with the emergence of personal genomics and high-throughput genome sequencing technologies.
Kuang Xu Receives for 2014 Chorafas Award
Dr. Xu was selected as a recipient of the 2014 Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation award for his exceptional performance in a doctoral degree program. According to the foundation the award targets extraordinary contributions to science and technology. The willingness to accept the moral obligations of being a scientist is a unique feature of this award.
Fadel Adib recognized as 2014 Microsoft PhD Research Fellow
Fadel Adib has been named a recipient of the 2014 Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship. This two-year fellowship is awarded to outstanding PhD students in the US and Canada.
Michal Rabani-Drier chosen for 2014 Chorafas Foundation Award
Michal Rabani-Drier has been selected for the Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation 2014 Award. This award recognizes exceptional performance in a doctoral program and honors innovative research in the field of advanced data processing technology, life sciences and/or sustainability, with a particular emphasis on applied research.
Siebel Scholars Class of 2014 Honored
EECS Siebel Scholars 2014 honored at luncheon hosted by Professor Anantha Chandrakasan. The EECS Class of 2014 Siebel Scholars are Rui Jin, James Noraky, Warut Suksompong, Xiaowei Cai and Gustavo Goretkin. Today, 870 of the world’s brightest minds are Siebel Scholars. This exceptional group has the unique opportunity to directly influence the technologies, policies, and economic and social decisions that shape the future. Siebel Scholars serve as key advisors to the Siebel Foundation, guiding the development of innovative programs the Foundation initiates.
Cody Gilleland Named Regeneron Prize Recipient
EECS graduate student, Cody Gilleland has been named as the first a recipient of “The Regeneron Prize for Creative Innovation by a Graduate Student.” The national award is a new initiative by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to recognize scientists early on in their career and to recognize their accomplishments.
Aditya Khosla Chosen as 2013-2014 Facebook Graduate Fellow
EECS graduate student Aditya Khola was chosen by Facebook as a winner and finalist for the 2013-2014 Facebook Graduate Fellows. Facebook Fellowships support emerging research leaders who demonstrate potential to advance Facebook's mission of making the world more open and connected.
Dina El-Damak received Texas Instruments Graduate Woman’s Fellowship for Leadership in Microelectronics.
Dina El-Damak received Texas Instruments Graduate Woman’s Fellowship for Leadership in Microelectronics. Dina was awarded the fellowship twice for both the academic years 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.
Kanellakis Fellowships
MIT EECS offers a special graduate fellowship that was established in memory of Paris Kanellakis, an MIT graduate (PHD 1982) and Brown computer science faculty member, who died in a tragic plane accident on December 20,1995. The Kanellakis fellowships are the result of a generous donation from General and Mrs. Kanellakis, Paris' father and mother. They are awarded to students accepted into the PhD program in computer science. In keeping with the wishes of General and Mrs. Kanellakis, we prefer to award these fellowships to students from Greece whenever possible.
Jouya Jadidian receives IEEE DEIS 2011-2012 Fellowship
MIT EECS graduate student Jouya Jadidian has been awarded a $5,000 fellowship from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (IEEE DIES).
2012-13 Siebel Scholars are Honored
The 2012-2013 recipients of the annual Siebel Scholars awards in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science are: Rachel Chasin,who is working with Prof. Peter Szolovits with interests in natural language processing; Ningran Han who is working with Professor Qing Hu in terahertz technology; Anirudha Majumdar, who is working with Prof. Russell Tedrake in the Robot Locomotion Group; Rohit Singh who is working with Prof. Armando Solar-Lezama in CSAIL; and Tao Yu who works with Prof. Judy Hoyt in the Microsystems Technology Lab. they were honored with other MIT Siebel Scholars at a lunch held Sept. 19.