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2021 Rising Stars Academic Career Workshop

Rising Stars is an intensive workshop for graduate students and postdocs with historically marginalized or underrepresented genders who are interested in pursuing academic careers in electrical engineering, computer

August 12, 2021

Lawrence Frishkopf, expert in communications biophysics, dies at 90.

Lawrence Frishkopf, Professor of EECS, Emeritus, died on June 25th, 2021, one day before his 91st birthday. An area chair in the department, Frishkopf was affiliated with both

Gregory Wornell

Sumitomo Electric Industries Professor in Engineering, [AI+D]

(617) 253-3513

Office: 36-677

Lizhong Zheng

Professor of EE, [AI+D and EE]

(617) 452-2941

Office: 36-660

Yury Polyanskiy

Associate Professor of EECS, [AI+D and EE]

(617) 324-0047

Office: 32-D668

Nancy Lynch

NEC Professor of Software Science and Engineering, [CS]

(617) 253-7225

Office: 32-G668

Muriel Médard

Cecil H. Green Professor of EECS, [EE and CS, AI+D]

(617) 253-3167

Office: 36-512

Robert Gallager

Professor of EE (Emeritus)

(617) 253-2533

Office: 36-525